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Over the years, Free  au pair, Free host family has steadily been developing various measures to ensure the quality of our  information.
We believe that all member should have the opportunity to profit to an useful of our service  provided on our website. 
This time is about advice to the host family and Au pair how a "MACHT" could be stable or have a successful  year and enjoyable time together.

"Be prepared to give and take! Set clear guidelines and keep the Au Pair to this,
but be sure to also willing to correct the Au Pair or help to achieve her/his goals. 

A happy au pair will be better for your children!

Ensure that an au pair quickly gets her activities in your country
and that she / he is not too much Skype with friends back home, namely that only prolongs the nostalgia phase. "

"Take a few days off if the au pair has arrived. There is much to explain, and so you may well get used to each other. "

"The way you welcome the au pair and interacts impresses the relationship."

"Please note that the first 2-3 weeks really habituation period, for both the au pair and the host family."

"Remember to not leaving the au pair again to log out of the church."

"Let the Au Pair first two weeks rotating and vote than together the rules and agreements with each other. "

"Maybe you have your own house rules on paper and discuss it immediately upon arrival. This is a real pleasure and everything is immediately clear. "

"Vote once the holidays in consultation with one another! This prevents problems later in the year. " 

"Enjoy your time!"
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Advance on travel experiences

Advance-fee fraud

An advance-fee fraud is a confidence trick in which a scammer tries to persuade you to advance them money based on their promise that you will realize a significantly larger gain. There are many forms of this scam. You may be offered the opportunity to become an art dealer with exclusive rights to a new territory. Offers like this will come via email as spam. You should immediately recognize this or anything remotely like it as a scam.

Be informed, not afraid

There are legitimate candidates who may need help with travel expenses. If you elect to cover such expenses, you can either use your own reputable travel agency or agree to reimburse the travel costs once your care provider arrives. has thousands of wonderful, legitimate Au Pairs, Nannies, Babysitters, Pet Sitters, Personal Assistants, Tutors and Senior Care providers throughout the world. Unfortunately, there are a few unscrupulous people against whom we must guard ourselves. Validate everything. Be smart and be safe in your search.

Dear candidate DO NOT PLEASE sent any advance money to this Host family with name  Mr Larry . Dee.
Mr. Larry .Dee is scammer who tries to persuade you to advance them money based on their promise that you will realize a significantly larger gain.

Here below more information about this scammers, Be informed!!!!!!!

Family David Barette is scammer

Parents age group: 30-40 
Father's Nationality: Canada
Mother's Nationality: Canada.

Family larry Dee is scammer

Contact: 8734783487
Mr Larry . Dee Tel .. (574)207-6523. Skype ... Imo : +15742076523 This is also from mr.larry dee


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