We were so amazed with the platform aupairjust4you has created for families to meet with au pairs, its a great way of meeting the perfect candidate for the job. We were overwhelmed with the number of people who were interested in the job we offered, and are happy with the security measures put in place. Thank you, Paul Kastner, Belgium

Family Kastner

For the fourth consecutive year, we found our Au Pair daughter on aupairjust4you. We love being able to narrow the wide variety of potential matches with the terrific search feature and select our candidates after viewing their letters, photos, and videos. Li Dunsby from London

Family Li

I use aupairjust4you every year to find a summer nanny for my kids – the caliber of the candidates is excellent and I love that I can search based on my actual needs. I have choices and can pick the best candidate for the job. We get to enjoy a new family member for the summer, my kids get quality childcare and we can provide a different for more…

Family Whistler

Our experience has been extremely positive. Carey our coordinator has been wonderful to work with and matched us with Cris and we can hardly wait until she arrivés. Family White, Hamburg

Family White

The au pair program has provided our family, especially our children, with a wonderful international, multi-cultural experience. Our your children are exposed to a foreign language every day. There is a wonderful exchange of cultural information between our family and our au pair. Having a line-in au pair makes our household run more smoothly. My husband and I can complete our work knowing that our children are well taken care of in our home by an experienced au pair who loves and care for them deeply. Thank you to aupairjust4you Family Caroline de Hollander, Amsterdam

Family Caroline

“I like the opportunity to see American life as an insider, to come to know the traditions and customs, approach to bringing up children, managing the household, learning peculiarities of everyday language, American cuisine, and just the chance to hear from the children ‘I love you’.” Au Pair Ekaterina, Russia

Ekaterina, Russia